Turning Up

Meditation can involve both wandering and wondering!  The mind wanders and when we find it difficult to quieten our thoughts, we may decide that we are no good at meditation and so give up.  It helps to remember that the mind will always judge and criticize our attempts to be still.

The mind is outraged at being sidelined and this is part of its defense.  We can choose to understand and accept that.

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A Heron Messenger

I was working in an office that overlooked a river, running through the centre of town. It was good to be able to step outside and take a refreshing break by the water.  A heron often visited here, swooping gracefully down, to the delight of those passing by. 

People would stop and take a moment to watch as the heron stood very still by the water, providing a picture of poise and a focus for a moment of calm reflection.

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