Building Bridges

The world is in crisis and we are collectively going through ‘a dark night of the soul’.   As we become increasingly aware of the many ways that we’ve gone wrong, waves of collective grief and sorrow rise to the surface.  Observing our fractured world, we question how it will be possible to build the bridges that can heal the deep divisions all around us.  We are realising that it is imperative to learn very different modes of thought and behaviour.

A new dream for the earth and for humanity is longing to emerge and it is calling to us.  Maybe we hear that call, yet feel unsure what part we are required to play in the birthing process.  In these turbulent times, we sense that we have a crucial task, that of finding ways to express the potential of something essential but hidden; something vital but as yet unknown.  We must endure uncertainty and paradox, as we find ourselves wondering what it is that’s imploring us for assistance, asking to be brought into form.

Looking to our myths and folk tales reminds us that we have treasures buried deep within ourselves, ready to be awakened in times of dire need.  Ancient stories show us that, at critical junctures, a regenerative force comes to our aid and that it is possible for us to develop the capacity to draw on this creative power.  The world may feel dark and confusing, yet we have an extraordinary opportunity to connect with a higher consciousness.  Indeed, it is our responsibility to do so.  

We can be certain that there is a vital, creative impulse that lives within us.  We urgently need to engage with it and to release our imaginative abilities for the good of all.  As we learn to connect with our intuition, we can receive prompts and messages from our higher self.   Now, in conjunction with a higher awareness, we are called upon to participate in an unveiling; to take part in the revelation of our own deeply creative nature.  At this time, we are being called upon to assist in building bridges and they are ones with the potential to link heaven and earth.

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