Rays of Peace ~ Global Meditation

RAYS of PEACE is a project connecting individuals all over the globe to a weekly meditation focus. Distance is no object here! Wherever we are in the world, we can join together and focus a collective energy of peace through meditation.   

Rays of Peace provides a new focus each week, inviting all to meditate, ideally at the quarters of the clock ~ 3, 6, 9 or 12 – am or pm, in our own local time.  In this way, we can provide a wave of positive energy, assisting those in need around the world. 

More and more people are learning to meditate and the benefits for the individual are well documented.  We can also join together, without needing to meet up physically, and extend the benefits of meditation to others, aligning the global energy to a higher vibration.  With Rays of Peace, when we meditate on the current weekly focus, we help provide a positive flow of energy  for our shared planet Earth and for the many places, people and life forms in need of assistance at this time.

Everything is energy, vibrating at different speeds and varying levels of awareness.  Everything is in relationship to everything else.  Each whole is part of a greater whole ~ atoms, beings, countries and planets are all interconnected.  All life is conscious and interconnected and when we hurt or damage other lifestreams we hurt ourselves. 

There are many challenges facing mankind and it is increasingly clear that we need to make significant changes in order to survive and thrive.  As individuals, we need to pay attention to bringing peace and calm to our own being, transforming our own energy and improving our states of flow.  Then we can connect with one another, with positive focus and intent, to assist the proper functioning of the whole and contribute to creating a necessary shift in the collective consciousness.

We are connected through our energy bands to everything else and our positive thoughts affect the environment.  The beneficial effect is magnified when this is done with a collective focus and repeated.  

Thank you for taking the time to  join with the weekly focus at Rays of Peace!

©Louise Oliver

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