Planting Seeds

As I write this in early April, we are emerging from Winter and all around, the energies are shifting. The sun brings its welcome warmth and it is as if everything is waking up from a deep sleep.
 The air is full of promise and in the exuberance of Spring, we have a sense of new beginnings.

Now it is a time of action and expansion; time to turn the soil in the garden and select the seeds for planting.  The process of growing vegetables, herbs and flowers begins and whether we are gardeners or not, we are aware of the renewal of life and the unfolding of the cycle.  The ebb and flow of nature is part of our lives and we feel the expectation of abundance.

There is a sense in which we are always actively planting seeds.  We do so with our every thought, word and action.  These seeds keep growing and reaching fruition in our everyday lives.  However, by the time we pick the fruits, we often don’t recognise where they came from.  We don’t remember planting the seeds, although they have now been through their cycle of growth and created the sweet or bitter circumstances we are currently experiencing.

Everything in our lives is about the choices we are making, moment by moment.  Choices and thoughts, speech and deeds are the packets of mixed seeds we scatter wherever we go!  The things we decide to concentrate on are magnetising people, things and experiences to us.  We can choose where to put our attention, even though it does not always feel that way.  We do have a choice about how to express our emotions and our energy.

One of the best choices we can make is to develop a meditation practice. 

Meditation is a way of planting seeds, which can then blossom in our lives. 

Making space for stillness and calm, on a regular basis, builds up our reserves and helps us to create new potential. 

It is a way of planting for the future and an investment in a growing sense of peace.  The harvest may come when we most need the sustenance.

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©Louise Oliver

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