Making Time

For many, the idea of taking time to meditate can seem like wishful thinking.  When it seems as though there are not enough hours in the day, meditation can be a nice idea, which we’ll definitely try sometime – one day when we’re not so busy!

Perhaps being busy – and being seen to be busy – helps us to feel good about ourselves or needed or important.  Stopping might create uncertainty and being quiet could feel threatening.

Sometimes, we believe that we need busy-ness to justify our existence and that our business is always too important to interrupt. The word ‘business’ stems from the Old English bisignis, which meant anxiety.  Anxiety is what fuels many people nowadays and with places to go, things to do and people to see, the idea of letting go of our busyness and of taking time to turn away from the active world in quiet meditation, may feel ridiculous or impractical.

We may tell ourselves that it is indulgent and unnecessary to take time for ourselves and that, even if we wanted to, there just isn’t the time to sit and be still, even for a short while.  In theory, we know it sounds possible to find a quarter of an hour in a day.  The right quarter of an hour just never seems to present itself!  Not in life as we know it.

Yet, people who meditate regularly say that they seem to have more time and feel better able to focus.

Consistently allowing fifteen minutes to release anxiety, to relax and be still has many benefits.  It can help us to feel clearer in decision-making, calmer under pressure and more effective in our actions.

In making time for meditation, we may find that, in the process, time seems to expand.  As if by magic, we seem to have more time to get things done.  Try it and see if you can create that extra time!

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©Louise Oliver

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