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‘Bright Flight’ ~ Louise Oliver

Art and Alignment  is concerned with connection and expression.  It looks at the importance of strengthening our connection to our higher self and engaging with creativity and imagination.  Creative activity, when aligned with higher awareness, can bring the messages of the soul into physical expression and become a powerful force for healing.   On the Art and Alignment webpage, there is free access to booklets and videos containing personal stories, which reveal a process of growth and healing through creativity.  These accounts give a perspective on personal alignment and the soul journey.  

Making artwork has been a crucial part of my own healing journey in recent years, as I have been recovering from a life-threatening illness and major surgery. 

Painting, drawing, writing and making objects has given me a way of mending my broken self and healing wounds, gathering together the splintered pieces and creating afresh.  The creative process has enabled me to make a shift and helped me to respond to challenging circumstances with a fresh awareness.

The handbook Exploring Art and Alignment gives a detailed description of the subject with practical guidelines.  Through artwork I have been able to see what I need to nurture and what I must weed out.  During recovery, I knew that it was important for me to map my own creative process as I went along.  I have documented some key aspects of this journey in the illustrated articles Restoring the Flow, Mapping Soul Memories  and  The Object In Hand.  

Restoring the Flow is also the subject of a series of three videos ~ a story told through three paintings that I made before, during and after serious illness and surgery.   Memories from my current lifetime and also from previous lives have found expression in artwork that I’ve made and the images have been instrumental in the healing process for me.  Imagery and imagination are powerful tools for transformation and can reconnect us to our soul’s purpose and vitality.

From left to right: ‘The Source of the River’ ~ ‘Among Thorns’ ~ ‘Grass Grows, River Flows’.

I came to appreciate how engaging with creativity can provide access to vital inner resources.  I gained a deeper understanding of the ways that we can use the power of our intuition, imagination and creative energy to heal and to grow.  Our subconscious will often talk to us in pictures and the messages come through to us in layers and over time.  Engaging with the flow of images can help to release some of the deeply held imprints that are affecting our lives.

Art and Alignment is based in an understanding that creativity can help us to heal, as we cultivate our imagination and trust that the soul connection may be restored.  As we discover the beliefs and perceptions that are out of alignment and choose to change them, our consciousness can be balanced and transformed.   Artwork can assist in this healing process.  We all have gifts and strengths, as well as challenges to be overcome and we each have our own unique story.

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